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My name is Bettina and I am an Irish artist working from my home studio  near the artistic village of Thomastown in South Kilkenny. My seascape and large wave paintings draw inspiration from the beautiful unique Copper Coast  in nearby Waterford. The power of the sea, the sound of the waves whispering over the sand and pebbles along the shore, the smell of the salty sea, all of these experiences I bring to my art. I want you to feel and see the ocean. Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them. My paintings are available at Tudor Artisan Hub, Tipperary and Kilkenny Art Gallery.

I purchased a painting from Bettina during lockdown. I became aware of her work through The Jack & Jill Foundation Fundraiser, Incognito. I found the website really informative re size, frames etc. The paintings were so captivating i took the plunge and ordered online, though i hadn't actually seen the paintings. I was not disappointed by the process or the painting. Ordering, payment and delivery was really easy and quick. i am delighted with my new piece of art.

Bla Tonra



Small Affordable Art

My latest Collection of paintings including some small affordable studies in oil so anyone can own a little bit of sea magic


Original Oil Paintings

October 2020


Of Land And Sea

October 2020


Art That Makes You Look Twice

October 2020


"Bettina creates seascape paintings that captures the power, spirit and zest of the beautiful seas and oceans that surround us...... each piece energetic and mesmerizing, .... her use of colour, light and the texture of paint... creates vivid and vibrant motion...breathing life into her works....you can almost hear the crashing waves..."                  

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All About Bettina Norton Fine Arts


Hi, let me tell you a little about me. I am Bettina Norton, an Irish artist originally from Kildare but for many years now settled in South Kilkenny and working from my home studio near the picturesque village of Thomastown. 

I am drawn to the sea and always have been. The wide open spaces, salty air and wild winds are part of what it is to be Irish. We live on an island. The sea surrounds us. It makes us confident, brave, individual. I spend many days painting studies on the coast which I then translate into larger studio works, hopefully capturing that bravery and individuality. I often make videos of the waves coming ashore along the beautiful Copper Coast, not far from my home, which then informs my work in the studio. The sea is a moving, living thing and still photos don't capture that. From small sketches to large scale projects, my art is a highly-personal reflection of  my sense of self. I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in a number of local exhibitions. More recently I was honoured to receive an award for one of my costal paintings at the local Lyons Club Exhibition. I have exhibited in a solo capacity last year at the Kilkenny Arts Festival which has solidified my reputation in the art world. My work is available at Tudor Artisan Hub Gallery and The Kilkenny Art Gallery.
If you would like to find out more about my process or arrange to view my work please get in touch.

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Powerswood, Thomastown

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