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SEE the landscape

       FEEL the elements

               TRANSLATE the sense of place

"the artist must train not only the eye but also the soul"  Wassily Kandinsky

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About Me

Irish artist Bettina Norton MA works from a home studio  near the artistic village of Thomastown in South Kilkenny. The landscape, seascape and large wave paintings draw inspiration from the beautiful unique Irish coast. The power of the sea, the sound of the waves whispering over the sand and pebbles along the shore, the smell of the salty sea, are all here within these highly charged works. Working in various media from acrylic to high intensity  inks, then layering with oil glazes or oil and cold wax, the work is intuative, interpreting aspects of landscape as expression of form and movement. Feel and see the ocean and experience the landscape in all its changing forms. Working often on location to produce working drawings and colour sketches and photographic notes, which are then translated into larger studio pieces. Select paintings are available in several galleries;  The Tudor Artisan Hub, Tipperary, The Kilkenny Art Gallery, Kilkenny City, The Pig Yard Gallery, Wexford, Marnie & Lily Gallery, Kinsale and The Russell Gallery, New Quay, Co. Clare. Subscibe if you would like to receive infomation on upcoming shows and exhibitions or learn more about the process. You can also follow on Facebook, Instagram etc. 

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I purchased a painting from Bettina during lockdown. I became aware of her work through The Jack & Jill Foundation Fundraiser, Incognito. I found the website really informative re size, frames etc. The paintings were so captivating I took the plunge and ordered online, though i hadn't actually seen the paintings. I was not disappointed by the process or the painting. Ordering, payment and delivery was really easy and quick. I am delighted with my new piece of art.

Bla Tonra

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