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Painting in Isolation

I've been a bit quiet on here for a while, mainly because I've been painting a lot. Lockdown has, I'm sure like most people, made me question things about my life, my priorities all sorts of things. Work normally takes up most of my week and painting is for days off. But with working from home I have more time to paint and do other things I love to do. I'm someone who actually likes isolation. Lockdown kind of suits me.

I do miss exhibitions, gallery visits, coffee with friends and so on but honestly I just love spending time in my studio alone painting. My kids say I'm weird but sure I'm happy in my own company so sue me!

I've also taken the opportunity to try my hand at online Demos. It's been a learning curve I tell you. I've had my utube channel for years but never uploaded a thing but in the last few weeks I've uploaded several videos. Filming yourself is strange. It makes you really think about the steps in your process. How do you explain how a wave behaves and looks in different lights? The understanding of the physical mechanics of water is very important in painting believability even in the abstract. Then there's the camera placement!!! I keep forgetting it's there and getting in the way and don't talk to me about Internet connectivity. Live painting was going great until my broadband provider reduced the bandwidth because too many people are using the Internet these days... Imagine people are online working in a lockdown, the cheek of them. You couldn't make this stuff up!

Anyway it's all been a learning curve but I'm still here and painting away to save my sanity and looking forward to getting outside my 5km to the coast again and my favourite painting spots. So here's to the next few months and hopefully we can look forward to some great shows and exhibitions of all the lockdown art....

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