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Adding Colour to your life

As I said in my previous post painting is a process and after all that planning I finally get to the best bit....the colour!!

I paint a lot of seascape so my pallette is fairly simple. In a word it's grey...that means all shades of grey; blue greys to yellow greys. I mix from a combination of raw and burnt umbers with warm and cool blue's, mainly ultramarine blue and cerulean blue and phthalo turquoise.

Into this is added mixing white. My cool yellow is lemon and yellow ochre is usually my warm yellow though cadmium hue works better for the summer months. The only red I tend to use is alizarin in seascape and it makes a rare appearance at that. This small study I'm working on is the product of a visit to Benvoy Beach recently where I made sketches and took a couple of videos. I nearly always use video for moving water as static photos don't show the progression of the movement and I find video works much better.

I've still another couple of hours to do on this one but it's going well so far and I'll post the finished product when it's complete.

Contact me for details on this work or any other and subscribe to my mailing list for upcoming shows and art tutorials.

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