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Artist Profile

About Bettina Norton Fine Art


Hello, My name is Bettina and I am a self taught artist working from my home studio not far from Kilkenny city. I have been painting all my life it seems and after graduating from Trinity College in the late 80's I worked in London for a number of years in the Art and Antique business. Returning to Ireland to raise my family, painting took a back seat for a time but 2012 saw me returning to the studio once again. 

I love to paint seascape and landscape subjects that speak to me or grab me on an emotional level.  Water  and nature in all its forms are a huge part of my work and always seems to be present in some way in my art. My process involves both painting on location and working in my studio from an extensive collection of drawings, photos and video. I like to bring an immediacy to my paintings where the viewer is up close and personal with my subject. My preference is to work with my painting knife, layering and adding texture with other mediums such as wax and acrylic underpainting.

My biggest influences are the 19th century American seascape artists Winslow Homer and Fredrick Waugh. Their strong dramatic coastal scenes and fluid paint handling is so inspiring.

My work ranges from small scale oil studies and large statement studio pieces and I am represented in several Irish galleries around the country. 


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